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What does it mean that this is an EMDRIA approved training?

EMDRIA is a membership organization of mental health professionals dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and integrity in EMDR.  Choosing an EMDRIA approved training means that you can be assured that your trainer is experienced and committed to meeting the EMDRIA standards for training.  EMDRIA has established and upholds the standards of practice, training, certification, and research.  By completing an EMDRIA approved basic training you will be eligible to work towards EMDRIA certification.  You can view the EMDRIA Basic Training FAQs here.

What are the eligibility requirements for this training?

We follow the EMDRIA eligibility requirements which can be found here.


Will I be certified in EMDR after this class?

You will receive a certificate of completion upon completing all parts of this training. Completing this training is the first step towards certification.  You will be able to begin practicing EMDR immediately after the Level I training.  Certification in EMDR is optional and there are additional requirements to becoming Certified.  You can review the EMDRIA details here.  

How does the practicum work?

The practicum will be done in small groups with a facilitator overseeing your practice, so class size is limited.  As part of the training practicum, clinicians will be placed in triads to practice applying EMDR skills as the “therapist”, to experience EMDR as the “client” and to learn as the “observer” of the practice. Prior to the training, please take the time to carefully select 1-3 memories to process when it is your turn to be the “client”.


Will I have to work on a real life issue?

Yes,  remember that the purpose of being the “client” is to give the “therapist” the opportunity to learn, practice and develop their newly acquired EMDR skills. This often involves the “therapist” pausing to ask questions, consult their notes or speak with the practicum facilitator as the new skill is acquired. 

For this reason we highly recommend selecting a single incident traumatic memory with a definitive beginning, middle and end that had a neutral or positive resolution. The memory should evoke easily manageable discomfort for you as the “client”. If possible, please use a memory that is a minimally relational trauma and does not feel shame-laden. This is especially important for Level 1 of the training where basic skills are being learned.  Some good examples would include a sporting accident, a motor vehicle or other transportation incident, a frightening medical procedure, a time where you were afraid or even witnessed an accident. 

If you are currently in treatment with a mental health provider it is a good idea to discuss enrolling for this training with your provider.


What virtual platform will you use?

While the training will be in person, we will be using Zoom for the consultation sessions


What technical requirements do I need to meet?

You must have a stable internet connection.  We recommend connecting directly to your internet through an ethernet cable.  Please make sure that you have one available for immediate use if you have connection issues.  Blue tooth/ wireless devices may weaken your connection.  


Do I have to have my camera on the whole time?

Yes, this is an interactive training and it is important to be present and connected to the trainer, facilitators and your peers for any virtual components.

What if I can not attend all of the dates?

Participation in all of the training dates is required for course completion. There will be several consultation dates to choose from.  You have up to one year to complete the consultation hours.  Per EMDRIA, Participants who register for an EMDR basic training must complete the entire course within 12 months of starting.

Is my registration refundable if I change my mind?

Refund requests made prior to September 1st, 2023 (for Fall 2023 class) will be made at 100% less a $75 processing fee.  Unfortunately, we can not refund registration after September 1st, 2023 (for Fall 2023 class).  However, we will allow you to transfer your registration (prior to the first class) to another licensed mental health professional.  

What happens if the trainer/consultant has technical difficulties during the virtual sessions?

We have tested the system several times and feel confident this will not happen for any preventable reasons.  However, the trainer will have a backup wifi hotspot.  If the issue continues we may take a break to resolve the problem, and if resolution is unsuccessful we will reschedule the time.


Are there contact hours/CEUs available?

This course is EMDRIA approved and has been approved for 45 contact hours for NYS licensed social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists.  All participants will receive a certificate of completion once all requirements are met.  Please check with your state/licensing board for other approval.


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