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The Holding Space
4175 iris place bethpage, ny 11714

We are excited to meet you at our newest location. The Holding Space is the newest home to Helping Hands Psychotherapy.  We are looking forward to continuing to support you and also being able to use our beautiful grounds and environment to help you find peace.

In our work, we often talk about "holding space" for our clients.  Simply put, this means we give you a place where you can talk about your fears, worries, and concerns- without fear of judgement or shame, and without having to worry about protecting us.  A space where you will be heard and understood.

By holding space for someone, you create a space for them to process their emotions and find their own solutions or insights. 


This is what we do every day.

And now we have a space to hold us, while we hold space ... for you.

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