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Sometimes building your family doesn't go the way you intended, imagined or hoped for.  Up to 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.  Think about that...  


Despite how common infertility can be, it is not something that people talk about.  In fact, it's often experienced in privacy or secrecy, maybe you haven't even told your parents or your best friend.   

While modern medicine provides many options for assisted reproduction- ovulation induction, IUI, and IVF to name a few- the emotional burden of infertility is often unaddressed.  

Struggling with infertility can bring up feelings of 

  • sadness

  • stress & anxiety

  • loss of pleasure/enjoyment in things

  • guilt

  • shame

  • jealousy

  • anger 

  • fear

  • isolation

  • hopelessness

You have a team of providers helping you to conceive.

Who is helping you to learn to cope with the emotional, physical, and financial stressors that infertility can cause?

We understand the journey of family building.  We know that infertility does not define you.  We want to help you to live life and thrive in spite of infertility.  You do not have to do this alone. 

Couple on a Walk

Infertility Counseling 

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