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Are you feeling stressed?  Overwhelmed? Anxious?  

Do you worry about things you can't control?

Do you feel like you are underwater or can't get ahead?

Does it feel like there is a never-ending to do list in your head?

Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed can negatively impact the good stuff in your life.

You might:

  • Find less enjoyment in your work

  • Have your grades in school suffer

  • Miss days from school or work

  • Have trouble sleeping

  • Feel tired and have no energy

  • Avoid social activities

  • Forget to take care of your self- your mind, body & spirit

  • Feel more irritable and argue with those around you

  • Have more conflict in your relationships

  • Cry or "lose control" more easily

  • Turn to unhealthy coping skills like drugs or alcohol

If you find yourself feeling this way, with no one to talk to, and unsure of where to start to make a change you are in the right place.  We are here for you and can help you to learn skills to manage stress and feel more centered and in control.

Stressed Woman

Stress & Anxiety Counseling

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