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Megan nelson, BFA, MSW Intern

Megan Nelson is an intern at HHP while working towards earning a MSW at Stony Brook University.  


Megan has a passion for reproductive and maternal mental health both as a clinician and an advocate for legislation that pushes for reproductive mental health awareness and access to quality perinatal medical care.  Her therapeutic approach centers the client as a specialist in their own healing process while using evidence based techniques and mindfulness to support them towards their healing goals .  She believes that helping parents in their journey with mental health can have a positive impact on the entire family unit. 


Professionally, Megan has used acting as a tool to support special needs adults with emotional regulation, social skill building, and empowerment goals.  She has training in meditation, mindfulness, and Alexander technique (a relaxation technique). Megan has experience leading meditation classes for parents who may struggle with the stress of having a child with high needs.  She also has experience with  addiction and codependency recovery groups. 


She has trained as an actor, dancer, and a painter and spent time working as a teaching artist working with schools in North Carolina.


Megan is supervised by Chana Topek Diamond, LCSW 

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