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Cara Liguori, BA, rSME, rIDME, MHC Intern 



Cara Liguori is a mental health counseling intern in her final year of  studies at Prescott College.

While her counseling style is eclectic, Cara considers the balance of body, mind, spirit, community, and environment essential to the cultivation of health and well-being. She brings somatic practices, mindfulness, dreamwork, and other evidence-based techniques to support the goals of diverse individuals, including facilitating personal insight, behavioral change, trauma processing, symptom improvement, and emotional and relational skill-building. Further, Cara is committed to centering the lived experiences of her clients and advocating for the needs of those who face systemic barriers to success. 


Prior to making the decision to become a mental health counselor, Cara found that her love for dance and movement led her to a career of helping new families.  She is a dancer, and became a certified bodyworker*, Somatic Movement Educator, and Infant Developmental Movement Educator through the School for BodyMind Centering®. Cara is enthusiastic about supporting new and expecting families through the processes of bonding and co-regulation, developmental movement and growth, intergenerational family-systems healing, and the major and often destabilizing life transitions that can unfold throughout the perinatal period.

In addition to working with the perinatal community, Cara hopes to engage the practice of counseling psychotherapy as a creative learning process. As a clinician, her goals are to destigmatize mental health challenges and enhance peoples’ inherent capacity for connection, responsiveness, curiosity, choice-making, and imagination. In this sense, she sees herself as a growth-fostering collaborator.



Cara looks forward to expanding her clinical skillset throughout her internship experience at HHP until she graduates in December 2024. 

*Please note:  Cara does not offer any hands on body work in her role as a mental health counseling intern



Cara is supervised by Dr. Nouna Jalilzadeh, PhD, LMHC, NCC, PMH-C

To schedule an appointment, please call 516 442 1116.


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