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Jillian martino, Art Therapist

I earned my Masters Degree in Clinical Art Therapy from Long Island University,  Creative Arts Therapy-limited permit holder.  During my training, I have had the opportunity to work with adolescents and adults experiencing severe substance abuse and mental health challenges.  I have provided pro-bono therapy to Veterans with PTSD, and have worked with those experiencing homelessness.  My training as an art therapist has provided a strong foundation in clinical skills.  It also provided me with the tools and knowledge to be able to use creativity and art to dive deeper into issues that can sometimes feel too heavy to talk about.  Using art in the therapy space engages the mind, body, and spirit in a way that words alone can't always do.  While feelings can be difficult, art never judges.  I have a holistic approach to therapy and can integrate art, mind, body, and spirituality in my clinical practice.   I am also trained in EMDR- a specific type of therapy that helps individuals to resolve trauma, reprocess information that may seem stuck, and allow healing to continue. 

I often work with folks who have experienced trauma in their life, and enjoy working with young adults and teens who find themselves trapped in patterns or relationships that make them feel stuck.   One of my favorite things to work through with my clients is feelings around shame and self-worth, I believe this is where the beginning of self discovery and self healing begins. As a therapist, I do my best to meet my clients where they are, I want you to feel in control of your own healing. We will work on things like boundaries, self-esteem and learning how to listen to our pain without feeling overwhelmed by it. I know it may seem scary and impossible, but I want to let you know now… you can move through this with the right amount of guidance. 

I’m excited to help you find what works for you and your healing. I can’t wait to help you through your growth.   I would be honored for the opportunity to be a witness to your growth and support you during this time.

Supervised by Joan Salmon, LCSW
To schedule an appointment call 516-442-1116

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