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Ayanna Moore-Ellis, MHC

Ayanna Moore-Ellis is a graduate of St. John’s University’s Master’s in Clinical Mental Health program.  Her education, training and life experience informs her work with clients.  She is a Mental Health Counselor-limited permit holder.

Ayanna believes that mental health support is essential. With the many ebbs and flows of this
Journey called life, Ayanna values creating a supportive environment. She is passionate about working with clients with various mental health concerns and believes every parent deserves the right to a safe, and informed pregnancy and postpartum experience.  

Further, she is committed to working with couples, solo parents, LGBTQ+ folx, and/or multigenerational families. Her experience includes working with clients who suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Anger management, Body and Gender dysphoria as well as other mental health struggles.

Ayanna continues to grow in her capacity as an advocate for an individual's ability to
grow. She utilizes talk therapy, mindfulness, and education, as well as other therapeutic
modalities. She works together with clients to best meet their needs, and creates an environment of ease, care, and supported vulnerability. ​

Ayanna is supervised by Nouna Jalilzadeh, PhD, LMHC, NCC, PMH-C

To schedule an appointment call Helping Hands Psychotherapy at 516-442-1116

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