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katie orobona, lmsw

Our childhood, history, and personal myths about ourselves are powerful forces that have the ability to shape our interpersonal relationships and behaviors; worldview and ourselves.  At some point, we all have experiences, challenges or life altering experiences that will have the ability to change our trajectory, bring us to a cross road or that will challenge our core beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.  Through my work with individuals, families and couples I have enjoyed helping others to navigate these obstacles in order to transform these adverse experiences into opportunities of growth; and I have enjoyed helping others  gain insight in order to affect positive change that leads to healthier relationships with others and with their own self.   


My professional experiences have allowed me the honor to work with a variety of individuals to help them address different issues within their lives including: mood and anxiety disorders, parenting issues, addictions, eating disorders, narcissistic abuse, self-injury and suicidality, persistent mental illness’, trauma, life transitions, interpersonal conflicts, couples issues, and vocational and employment related concerns. Parenthood comes with its various challenges and I have also enjoyed helping parents navigate their new roles and strengthen the parent-child relationship and provide developmental guidance. 

I utilize a holistic, attachment based approach that is rooted in evidence based practice and that is supportive and non- judgemental.  I have a trauma-informed practice that is client-centered and is focused on utilizing one’s strengths.

To schedule an appointment call us at 516-442-1116

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