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makeetah cochy, bA, doula, MHC intern

Makeetah is a graduate student at Long Island University majoring in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling. She began her counseling journey after obtaining her bachelor's degree in Sociology and starting a family of her own. It was then that she realized that motherhood was more than just taking care of a baby but involves even more self-care. Attending support groups was very helpful in understanding her own mental health. Makeetah knew that if she was going through this after her pregnancy, there must be others in the same situation, and she wanted to contribute to their overall mental health as well.

Many friends confided in her during their birthing experiences and found that getting things off their chest was healing.  Makeetah became a birth and postpartum doula to physically help new mothers during their pregnancy, birth, and at-home process. While taking courses such as Theories of Counseling, Diversity & Socio-Cultural Issues and Family Counseling, Makeetah noticed how she could take what she was learning in the classroom to the delivery room!

During one of her first classes, Makeetah discovered that her approach to counseling was empathetic, and solution-focused. Makeetah hopes to gain more experience in cognitive behavioral therapy and in the use of rapid assessment instruments. Makeetah is passionate about working with the perinatal population and aims to create an atmosphere where others feel validated and seen.

Her accomplishments include being inducted into the International Mental Health Honor Society, and recently appointed by the Suffolk County Legislature to the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force, but her greatest accomplishments are her four children.

Makeetah  will continue as an MHC intern at HHP as she  expands her counseling skills and knowledge until she graduates in August 2024. 

Makeetah is supervised by Dr. Nouna Jalilzadeh, PhD, LMHC, NCC

To schedule an appointment please call 516-442-1116.

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